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nendoloidol 3D tree Icons WIN by taketo nendoloidol 3D tree Icons WIN by taketo
" Nendoloidol " - 3D Tree - Icon set

Based on my " Bryce Tree Collection " series at my "Kanji-Hanzi-centerr" account .... [link]

Volume 01 featuring 10 kinds of "Cycad" and "Palm trees" as belowlisted ...

Tree No. oo1 featuring "Japanese Sotetsu (cycas revoluta)" cycad
Tree No. oo2 featuring "Taiwanese Binrou (areca catechu)" palm tree
Tree No. oo3 featuring "Chinese Shuro (trachycarpus wagnerianus)" palm tree
Tree No. oo4 featuring "Arabian Natsumeyashi (phoenix dactylifera)" palm tree
Tree No. oo5 featuring "Polynesian Yashi (Cocos nucifera)" palm tree
Tree No. oo6 featuring "Malaysian Aburayashi (Elaeis guineensis)" palm tree
Tree No. oo7 featuring "Indonesian Nippayashi (Nypa fruiticans wurmb)" palm tree
Tree No. oo8 featuring "Japanese Hoki (Livistona chinensis)" palm tree
Tree No. oo9 featuring "Cambodian Ohgiyashi (Borassus flabellifer)" palm tree
Tree No. o10 featuring "Papua New Guinea's Sagoyashi (Metroxylon sagu)" palm tree

Prepared 5 color variations each in,
(A) general Front-Horizontal view and,
(B) a Birds-Eye view ...
... sub-total 100 images each in the following icon-file-formats,

(1) 32x32 Windows Icon image ICO (.ico) files,
(2) 256x256 Windows VISTA compatible Icon image ICO (.ico) files,
(3) 256x256 Portable Network Graphics PNG(.png) files and,
(4) 640x640 Portable Network Graphics PNG(.png) files for your further reference ... :)

..... archived each formats in Zip(.zip) files individually ...... : )

:addtodesktop: Same contents in other formats ...
:) 128x128 icon-files set ... PNG(.png), Mac ICNS(.icns), Windows ICO(.ico), X-window PixMap XPM(.xpm), Tagged ImageTIFF(.tif), 256colors GIF(.gif) and in Scalable SVG(.svg) files all together(15.3MB) at here, [link]
:) 128x128 MacOSX Close-and-Open-Folders with 128x128 Mac ICNS(.icns), PNG(.png), Tagged ImageTIFF(.tif), 256colors GIF(.gif) icons and Icon-featured-Plain-Text(.txt)-templates, plus 512x512 MacOSX-Leopard-compatible ICNS(.icns) with 512x512 PNG(.png) files all together (59MB) at here, [link]
:) 32x32,36x36,48x48,64x64,72x72,96x96 each in PNG(.png), Tagged Image TIFF(.tif), X-window pixMap XPM(.xpm) with 64x64 and 96x96 Scalable SVG(.svg) files all together (13MB) at here, [link]
:) 640x640 based (W3C) Scalable Vector Graphics SVG(.svg) files(41.3MB) at here, [link]
:) 640x640 based Schockwave Flash SWF(.swf) files(14.6MB) at here, [link]
:shoutbox: The original images are rendered in 1280x1280 pixel-size by Bryce5.5 on WindowsVista individually .... :)
So you can get the rendered TIFF, PSD, XCF file formats in White-Backgrounds, as well as PNG, PSD, XCF file formats in Transparent-Backgrounds individually at my "Kanji-Hanzi-centerr" account ... [link]
Itsiwitsi Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2010
They're also very useful for arquitecture illustration! Thank You!!
taketo Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2010
:blowkiss: No hay deque ! :)
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April 2, 2010
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